“I am a CPA and have worked with David Babros for many years. 

My clients’ satisfaction is my top priority and I count on David to

deliver premier customer service. He has always provided my

clients and me with excellent and prompt appraisal services.”

David Aurit, CPA

23525 Crenshaw Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90509

Ph: (310)539-9110

Email: davidauritcpa@aol.com

“Over my 20 years as a practicing attorney, I have utilized the

services of multiple residential real estate appraisers in both

transactional and litigation matters. I began working with

David Babros about 3 years ago and now use him almost

exclusively. Mr. Babros has demonstrated to me an uncanny

knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market, and his

turnaround time in completing project assignments is impressive.

Mr. Babros has also testified for me in contested real estate

matters, with his testimony being accepted by the court as

the more compelling and accurate. I highly endorse

David Babros.”

Best Regards,

Ryan E. Stearns*, Esq.


An Association of Professional Law Corporations

3424 Carson Street, Ste. 670

Torrance, CA 90503

Ph:  (310) 793-9570, ext. 11

Fax:  (310) 793-9575

Web:  www.sks-lawyers.com

Email: rstearns@sks-lawyers.com 

“I’ve worked with Dave for 13 years.  He is responsive to my clients’

needs and knowledgeable in the high end Los Angeles market. 

I trust his expertise and professionalism to deliver high quality

appraisals. I know that when I get a report from Dave that I can

rely on the value to support my conclusions. “

Tony Bardin


Private Mortgage Banking Sales Manager- Production

1800 Century Park E, 13th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Ph: (310) 477-7300

Fax: (866) 895-1283

Web: www.wfhm.com/tony-bardin

Email: tony.bardin@wellsfargo.com 

“I have been working with David Babros for several years.

His discretion and impartiality help to expedite cases. He is

responsible, responsive, diligent and I would recommend him

on all my family law cases!”


Joseph P. Spirito, Jr., Esq.


116 Avenue I

Redondo Beach, CA  90277

Ph: (310) 465-1000

Fax: (310) 465-1030

Web: www.mcgs-law.com

Email: joe@mcgs-law.com 

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